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Nationally recognized as a gifted painter, draftsman
and designer, James studied with Harry Borgman,
Gordon McGowan and George Vihos at The College For
Creative Studies in Detroit where his experiences with
rock music and the urban street scene textures the
detail and dramatic composition of his work.
He helped finance his education playing drums in a rock band
with Glenn Frye (before he was an Eagle) and Bob Seger
(before he was Bob Seger).
Thirty years in advertising as an art director, designer, and
creative guru, James won every major award including
Clios and New York Film Festivals.
In and out of New York, James illustrated covers and stories
for Dell, Avon and Doubleday Books and more covers and stories for Marvel Comics’ Epic Magazine.
As a creative writer, he developed concepts and scripts optioned by ABC and CBS and a screenplay
for Clint Eastwood’s Malpaso Productions.
In 1997, James created, developed and produced The International Automotive Advertising Awards
(IAAA) with Car & Driver and Road & Track magazines, USAToday, and The Wall Street Journal.
But nothing feeds his spirit like drawing on paper or painting on canvas.
He has been rewarded by the wonderful reception of his work in numerous galleries and
countless private and corporate collections around the country.
Realizing that he can live and create anywhere there is space and light, he and Linda chose paradise …
the far southern gulf coast of Florida.
"Life is impermanent.
Eventually, everything changes.
Faces age.
Jeans fade.
There are stills in this transition,
a breath along the journey,
that I capture in the pure,
tonal reality of the moment.

No matter what the subject....
what I share with you is exactly what I see...
in its emotional form."
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